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Hazelnut Liqueur 700mL

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This northern Italian hazelnut liqueur has only been around for 30 or so years but in that time it has become an icon. Used in a number of exotic cocktails it is a valuable addition to any liquor dresser.

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  • by Anna Emery, on February 18, 2019

    It was difficult to decide on the star rating, because Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur has a lovely flavour. My first tasting experience of this product was as part of a cocktail drink, which I had, called a TOBLERONE (I hope I got that right!) I asked the bar lady to use Tia Maria instead of Kahlua, which she reluctantly agreed to. That cocktail was Very Smooth & Extremely Delicious! Anyway, I bought a bottle of Frangelico for $30 & added some to a Tia Maria & milk drink. Even though I have a Very Sweet Tooth, I found it TOO SWEET. Still, if you only add a Little Bit, it's Quite Nice. I hope my explanation makes sense! Well worth having in stock, because those Toblerone cocktails are SO delicious! :)