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Beer culture in Australia has grown tremendously over the years with many new craft beers on the Australian market.

The word 'tinnies' is the Australian way of saying 'beer' and now Tinnies is officially a brand of craft beer crafted in-house and brewed in Melbourne. Made with love and passion, this beer should be shared with your mates so everyone can enjoy the bursting flavours of stone fruit flavours and hints of biscuit malt. Its palatable flavours will have you craving for more, so get ready for a good time with Tinnies in hand.

Tinnies Pale Ale has a generous amount of hop flavours on the palate and is characterised with stone fruit, pine and citrus aroma that blends well with the flavours of caramel. This Pale Ale is a must-try.

Tinnies Session IPA is smooth on the palate and is slightly caramelised with notes of stone fruit flavours. This Session IPA is tasty and enjoyable in every way.

Tinnies Tropical XPA is extra tasty with bursting flavours of tropical fruits and has an exciting hopped finish. This Tropical XPA tastes even better when served ice cold.

Tinnies is exclusive to Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars.