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The art of beer – A look at the best tin designs on the market
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  • The art of beer – A look at the best tin designs on the market

The art of beer – A look at the best tin designs on the market

On January 24th, 1935, the first can of beer was sold. It may not have resembled what we have today - made out of steel and opened with a special tool - but it did have some pretty sweet artwork on the can. From your classics, to craft brews with unique imagery, we’re looking through some of our top beer can designs. Jump on the canned wagon and join us!

Tinnies range - Art on a can

The artwork on these new beers is nothing short of extraordinary. Created by artist and illustrator Alex Lehours, each tin represents the contents within. The Pale Ale design signifies the tides of the brewery pipeline, the Session IPA depicts the taste experience inside each can, and the Tropical XPA is a canvas for the artist’s creativity.

Each can looks good enough to frame and put on the wall, but you’ll probably want to drink them first.

VB – Old-school Aussie classic

Some things perfectly sum up our fair nation; kangaroos, emus, a dollop of sauce on a pie, and a can of Victoria Bitter. VB was the first Aussie beer to be canned, and it’s up there when it comes to iconic tin design.

Just seeing that shade of green submerged in a cooler is enough to get you ready for a one-way ticket to flavour town. So, cheers to that iconic design, loved by dads all across Australia.

Furphy Refreshing Ale – Modern Aussie classic

The design of this beer can looks an awful lot like a footy jersey, with the blue and white playing off each other to create something that’s modern, yet classic. But that’s enough art analysis - we just like this can a lot. It also helps that the beer is fantastic.

Venom Golden Ale – Can with attitude

Venom Golden Ale is a pretty noticeable brew, mainly because it’s sold in a bright yellow can with a picture of a snake shooting beer out of its fangs on the front. It also helps that the beer inside is well worth drinking.

We’re assured there’s no actual snake venom inside, but you can tell your friends there is if you want to look tough.

Goat Lager – New kid on the block

Everybody loves a fresh face, and this tin brings just that to the table. The design is crisp and clean, like the beer inside. We’re not sure if this Goat brew is the GOAT when it comes to basketball, but it sure is enjoyable, and the can looks amazing.

Vale Bright Ale– Spot the great design

Metallic blue with a polka dot design, Vale Bright Ale looks the part for summer. The can sticks out from the crowd and is easy to spot (sorry). Inside the tin you can expect a crisp, fresh and fruity flavour that matches the cool design and connects the dots (sorry again).