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Thunder Road

TRB Hop Star XPA Bottle 330mL

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The Pale Ale is usually the first beer a craft brewery develops and releases. Thunder Road launched their 'golden triangle' of beers at the same time (Pacific, Pale Ale and IPA). The Pale Ale is a very important member of the trio and sits neatly between its two siblings.

Delightfully aromatic with complex, yet refreshing flavours. The flavours deliver mild spice and a hint of citrus and passionfruit. A proudly full flavoured beer that expertly balances strong hop aroma with drinkability. IBU: 38

• Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

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  • by Ryan Slater, on August 08, 2018

    If you're looking for something with a little more bitterness than a pale ale but not quite looking for an IPA this is the perfect match.

  • by jack Underwood, on July 06, 2018

    Thunder road doing it right the first time, beautiful aroma and hop leading to a dry tropical finish