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Great Northern

Super Crisp Lager Bottle 330mL

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Great Northern Brewing Co. lager was brewed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. Brewed in Queensland using a light stable hop to avoid the impact of sunlight, pale malt and lager yeast to produce a fruity, clean, refreshing lager. With its fruity aroma, low bitterness and clean, crisp finish, it’s the ultimate refreshment for the Great Northern conditions.

• Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

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  • by Beer Nerd, on July 25, 2018

    Defiantly the better of the 2 big brands. Easy to drink, with not over powering flavour. Can easily drink a lot of these

  • by Paula Campbell, on July 14, 2015

    I first tasted this beer on tap in Kalgoorlie and have been drinking it every since. It's a very nice beer with no bitter aftertaste. There is a Great Northern full strength which has a white swordfish on the carton, however, the only state where this can be purchased is Queensland for some reason.