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3 Pub Circus

Session IPA Bottle 330mL

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3 Pub Circus is brewed by a 100% family owned Australian company based in NSW. Their style of brewing is labour intensive, hand operated small batch without shortcuts. They deliver premium craft beer brewed with no preservatives, resulting in a natural flavoured beer.

All the good bits of a hop driven IPA, without the usually high alcohol content. At just 4.2% ABV, this beer delivers hop flavour and aroma punching well above its weight. Packed with three quality Australian grown hops at two separate stages of brewing to produce intense fruity aroma and flavour. Perfect match to spicy Asian food. IBU: 45

- Silver Medal | Australian International Beer Awards 2018.

• Pack of 6 x 330mL Bottles.

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    Session IPA
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    Session IPA
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  • by Janak, on August 08, 2018

    A great session IPA for a long summer afternoon!

  • by Brent, on August 08, 2018

    A cracker of a session ale! I love the Artisan ale so thought I’d give this a go and I wasn’t disapointed!

  • by Mark Christensen, on August 07, 2018

    A highly seasonable IPA brewed in Australia that is full of hoppy flavour and is also preservative free

  • by Big D, on August 05, 2018

    Lightish pour with a steady head. Although the hops are definitely more on the nose i would of hoped that they would be on the tongue. for a session beer its not too bad as you are just chaining them. as a stand alone beer i would go for it. Its a minimum 6 pack to get this one going

  • by Juan, on August 03, 2018

    delicious, bitter and enjoyable. The hops really bring this beer alive! I would have it with a hearty meal and will keep these bad boys to myself (as soon as your mates taste this, they will just keep going!)

  • by Adrian Potter, on August 03, 2018

    Smooth, could be a little hoppier, but would definitely drink again.

  • by Garry Mercury, on August 03, 2018

    Really good session IPA but not as hoppy or fruity as on the label.

  • by Cameron, on August 03, 2018

    An easy drinking Session IPA that was a crowd pleaser! Bold hop flavours and really refreshing. Returned to First Choice to buy more!

  • by Alex Boukas, on August 03, 2018

    Citrusy, with a nice hop kick. Great beer for the price!

  • by Nick Bye, on August 03, 2018

    drinking it with friends or at an bbq, it has interesting bold flavours that are enjoyable, nevertheless it's a drink that can easily be drunk at any occasion. Certainly an easy drinking, with a big nose and an awesome creamy finish. I will match it with Fish and Chips and some bbq sauce (tomato if you want to) Good enough for a six pack!

  • by Benny, on August 03, 2018

    The name says it all! Very sessionable - not usually an IPA fan but this was a treat! Give it a go!

  • by Damska, on July 24, 2018

    I really love this session IPA. It has the full flavour of an IPA, but it is easy drinking and you can drink more than 1! Fearless Freddie is truly fearless.

  • by Simon Lock, on May 14, 2018

    Tasty! This was very easy to drink and refreshing. The hops weren't overpowering and I was really impressed with the flavour. I will buy again.

  • by Simon Lock, on May 13, 2018

    Tasty! This was very easy to drink and refreshing. The hops weren't overpowering and I was really impressed with the flavour. I will buy again.