Purity Vodka 700mL

Purity Vodka 700mL

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Purity vodka is the result of a long lasting quest to redefine ultra-premium vodka, bringing character to a spirit which by tradition is more one of image and style rather than substance. Daring to stand out from the crowded cluster of neutral, mainstream vodkas, purity vodka has not been made to please everyone. It is full-bodied, complex and loaded with character yet, smooth and sophisticated.

Combining heritage and innovation, purity vodka comes to life in a unique vodka still made of copper and gold at 13th century ellinge castle in the south of Sweden. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost. The remaining spirit is so refined that no filtration is necessary, leaving all the natural flavors and character in the vodka.

Purity vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients including the very finest organic winter wheat and malted barley and is certified organic in Europe and the United States.

Alcohol Content 40%
Origin Sweden
Product Code 2692787

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