Jim Beam Devils Cut Bourbon 700mL

Jim Beam Devils Cut Bourbon 700mL

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The expert distillers at Jim Beam have developed a process that pulls the rich whiskey trapped inside the barrels wood after they have been emptied. They then hold this barrel-treated extract until it develops the proper balance, then blend it with 6 year old Bourbon and bottle at 90 proof (45% alc/vol). The resulting Bourbon is a robust, premium whiskey with rich deep colour, aroma and character.

As bourbon ages, a portion of the liquid is lost from the barrel due to evaporation—that's the "Angel's Share." After aging, when the bourbon is dumped out of the barrel, a certain amount of whiskey is left trapped within the wood of every barrel.
We call that the "devil's cut."

Alcohol Content 45%
Origin United States, Bourbon
Product Code 9207915

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