Whiskies of Japan

While Japan’s whisky history doesn’t stretch back as far as other regions, in a short time they’ve managed to establish a credible reputation for producing world renowned, high quality whisky known for its mild texture and pleasant aromas. The history of Japanese whisky began 100 years ago when a young chemist and businessman Masataka Taketsuru ventured to Scotland to study the fine art of whisky-making. These days we call this a gap year.

While reminiscent of scotch in flavour, over the last century, Japanese whisky developed a style of its own. Less smoky and sweeter, it is smooth, delicate and often perfumed with honey.

And unlike in Scotland or Ireland, Japanese whisky companies do not share their stocks of whisky when producing a blend. Instead, they produce many different styles, flavours and types of whisky in-house.

Some say that Japanese whisky even outdoes Scottish whisky, which is surprising for a country where beer is the most popular drink and Sake is their national treasure.