Whiskies of North America

They might share a border, but when it comes to whisky making Canada and North America don’t share much at all.

The history of Canadian whisky dates back to the 1800s when rum, which was prevalent, was mixed with “high wine”, which was a whisky spirit made from grains and added flavour. Fur traders quickly realised that the Indians had no use for gold or money. However, they enjoyed “fire-water”.

American whiskey can be traced back to the states of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Its rich history is matched only by its exquisite taste and quality. Through many wars, triumphs, prohibitions, and
rebellions, whiskey has lasted and survived.

Canadian whisky is mostly blended with corn and must be aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. The US requires all whiskey to be produced from a fermented mash of grain.