Explore the World of Whisky 

Long before whisky was favoured by bearded hipsters, it was the drink of Scottish warriors and American cowboys.

Let First Choice Liquor take you on a whisky world tour, where you will learn how to tell Japanese whisky from Irish whiskey, the history of each region and the techniques that set each one apart.

But why is there whisky and whiskey? Well that depends on where it’s from.

In Ireland, it’s whiskey. In Scotland, it’s whisky. The difference between the two comes from how they’re translated from their Scottish and Gaelic forms. Whiskey with an ‘e’ is also used for American whiskies, which originates from Irish immigrants bringing the word over in the 1700s.

You can learn more about the different whisky regions and what makes them unique, click on the banners below:

Whiskies of Ireland Whiskies of Japan 
Whiskies of North America Whiskies of Scotland

If you would like to learn how to make some of the most on-trend whisky cocktails, click below: