Henkell Trocken Brut Piccolo 200mL

Henkell Trocken Brut Piccolo 200mL

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Glamorous and reserved for life’s special moments, Henkell is the dry, sparkling wine that combines the best of both worlds: the art of French cuvée and German craftsmanship - for 160 years.

This dry, fully matured sparkling wine owes its elegant international character to a single cuvée of excellent wines from classical types of grapes. Henkell Trocken has a fine, pearly mousseux and a long lasting sparkle in the glass. The finely balanced and harmonic composition makes Henkell Trocken a well-rounded and perfect taste experience.

Alcohol Content 11.5%
Style Cheerful Fun & Fizzy
Closure Cork
Origin Germany, Rhine Valley
Product Code 4771057

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