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2013 Penfolds Bin Release.

Penfolds are world renowned winemakers, famous for oustanding wine - the most celebrated of which is their Bin Series.

Born in the 1950's, the Penfolds Bin Series was the work of legendary chief winemaker, Max Schubert. At first the experimental wine was simply known as Bin 1, while 1952 it was dubbed Bin 4. The Bin numbers orginally referred to its location in the Penfolds cellars while ageing.

Later vintage of wines were perfected by Schubert, eventually becoming the most lauded wines in Australian history. By 1964 the designation was standardized as ‘Bin 95’ - now most famously known as Grange. The reputation of Grange became so revered that in 2001 it became a national heritage icon. The influence and rarity of this wine heralded it as the first in an illustrious ‘bloodline’ that went on to define a Penfolds style and philosophy that shaped an entire new age of wine. It is this pedigree and lineage that that lives on in the Bin range and makes it such a celebrated family of wines.

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