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How to Make Your Guests Prep Without Even Realising It
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How to Make Your Guests Prep Without Even Realising It

Prepping is all about getting everything you need ready for the Christmas season. But true preppers don’t just prep themselves. They spread the prepper vibes to others. Here’s a couple of tips on how to influence your friends to do the prepping for you.


Everyone’s music tastes are different, so being the Christmas Party DJ is a responsibility no-one wants to bear. Do you go for crowd-pleasers? ‘80s hits? Indie rock? It’s a lot of pressure, so it’s time to find a way to get everyone on board, by crowdsourcing the beats.

Create a Spotify playlist, and give shared access to all of your friends. Tell them to add their faves to their heart’s content. Hit ‘shuffle’ on the day, and you’ll have music for the whole night. And you can press skip on any duds. (Sorry Aunt Beverly, but ten ABBA songs in a row is just too much.)

Food and Drinks

Nobody should have to cater a party by themselves. It’s inhumane. How do you get people to prep food and drinks for a party for you, so that you have time to focus on other things? Well, let’s dive into some actual studies. Apparently, there are four methods to influence people into doing you favours, and two of them are particularly useful in influencing them to cater your party for you.

The first is the ‘door-in-the-face’ technique. The principle here is that people are more likely to do a smaller favour when presented with an impossible favour first. In this case, ask your guest to bring three slabs. Your guest will likely refuse this request, so you follow up with, “Okay, in that case can you bring a plate of food?” Once you’ve high-balled them, they are more likely to comply with your second request. Repeat this process until your guests all agree to bring something small.

The second is the foot-in-the-door technique. The thinking behind this technique is that people are more likely to accept a favour if they are primed with a smaller, related favour. For example, “Hey would you mind bringing a bottle of wine?” is an easy request to accept. This can easily transition into, “Actually, do you know any sangria recipes?”, which will finally become, “Do you think you could make some for the party?” Repeat this process until all your bases are covered, and you’ll have enough food and drink to last yourself and your friends the entire party.


Here’s the biggest challenge: is there a way to get your friends to help you prep the decorations? Well there is, but it requires a bit of prepping on your part. In the months leading up to Christmas, take note of all the decorations you see at other people’s parties. Remember the beautiful streamers you saw at Helen’s BBQ earlier this year? They could be yours.

People tend to throw away their decorations after the party has finished. That’s where you come in. Offer to help your friends clean up after their parties, and simply take the decorations you want for your own. If you go to enough BBQs earlier in the year, eventually you’ll gather enough decorations to turn your party into the most decked out party of the year. And it’s all because your friends did the prepping for you.

So there’s a few ways to turn your friends into Christmas preppers. Spread the message everywhere and eventually you’ll have a circle of pals who are as set for Christmas as you are.