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How to Get Prepped for an Out-Of-Town Christmas
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How to Get Prepped for an Out-Of-Town Christmas

The idea of getting out-of-town for the holidays is so enticing: a few of your nearest and dearest, long lazy afternoons preferably spent in a hammock, a few drinks, maybe a roast on the spit. But this vision of serenity can quickly show some cracks if you haven’t done the most important thing: prepped.

Here are some tips for making sure you’ve got everything in order so all that’s left to do is kick back, pour a drink and slip into the celebratory mood.

Do a stocktake of your destination

A little bit of research goes a long way. Check your destination on Google Maps to find the nearest supermarket, bottle shop, beach and pub.

Bring what you can from home

The last thing you want to be doing on Christmas Eve is running around the tiny country town you’ve found yourself in, in search of a leg of ham. If you can, do the bulk of your grocery shopping a few weeks out and load up the car – except for the refrigerated items – the day before you drive out. Keep your cool perishables together in the fridge so you can just pop them into a cooler bag and go.

Stock up on your drinks

It really throws a spanner in the works if you get to 5pm on Saturday and realise that you’ve run out of drinks, the nearest bottle shop is a 20-minute trip into town, and no one is able to drive. To be the ultimate prepper, buy extra drinks in the lead up – you can always take the leftover bottles home.

Divide and conquer

As you’re out-of-town, the traditional role of a ‘host’ is void, so divvy up tasks on the big day to make sure everyone chips in. Nominate people for jobs: get Mum on the barbie, Dad on the potato salad, cousin Laura on the place settings and Uncle Bob on the job of keeping the beers icy cold.

An out-of-town for Christmas checklist

- Salt, pepper, spices and olive oil
- A bulk-buy of drinks
- Any festive extras, like napkins, tinsel and bon bons
- Foil and cling wrap
- As many coolers as you can wrangle
- Tupperware for leftovers
- Any specialty kitchen tools and serving platters