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How to Keep Cool on a Budget

How to Keep Cool on a Budget

If you’re feeling the heat before your meet and greet, make sure you have some discrete cheats to have it beat. Oh and for an extra treat, we’ve made them super cheap. Let’s turn down the sizzle and learn how to keep yourself and your guests cool over summer. Whether it’s barbies, parties or just a chill one with friends, follow this guide and you’ll be feeling fresh.

The right drinks

This should be a no-brainer. The best way to cool down at a barbeque is to just keep your guests supplied with the coolest drinks. We’re talking frosés, slushies, sangrias and cold beer to press onto foreheads. Make sure your coolers are piled high with ice and you have enough stubby holders to go around.

If you want to keep your drinks cooler for longer, use ice made from salt water. Salt water freezes at a lower temperature than regular water, so your drinks will stay colder for a much longer period of time. Hint: Be careful not to add salt after the ice is frozen because it will melt quicker.

Our tip for a great summer bev? At the moment, we’re particularly enjoying Asahi Super Dry.

Old School Air Con

Did you know that an Australian invented the refrigerator? Back then it contained actual blocks of ice. Fans positioned inside the fridge kept the cold air moving and the food cool. It gave us an idea… What if we were the food and the house is the box?

Let us explain, if you get some bowls of ice and position it in front of your fans, the fans will move the cold air around the house until the ice melts. Then you just refill. You can even double up and put drinks in there. Your house will basically be a giant fridge in no time.

You may as well just integrate ice into every activity in your day and top it off with a mojito; using soda water, mint leaves, sugar, lime, Bacardi rum and of course, lots of crushed ice.

Plant the seeds of comfort

Here’s a tip that you can prepare months in advance. BBQs and garden parties are great, but in the heat, people just end up standing in the glaring sun applying sunscreen 11 times an hour. So make your garden the go-to destination by filling it with foliage.

Plant some of your favourite greenery. You’ll be shocked at how crucial the shade of a good tree is to making you and your guests feel comfortable in summer. Plus, you get to give back to the environment, and take up a new hobby. It’s win/win/win.

Steal your office water cooler

Okay, so maybe don’t commit an actual crime. But it’s super important to keep your guests hydrated when you have them over for a party, especially if they’re drinking alcohol. Pick up a cheap water cooler (you can find some for under $100) and keep it handy. It’s great for keeping cool, and striking up mundane small talk with your guests.

Follow these tips and you’ll be the host to beat this summer. So stay chilled, and you can throw the coolest party in town for cheap. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.