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Get Prepped Without Parents – A Guide To The Ultimate Christmas With Your Mates
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  • Get Prepped Without Parents – A Guide To The Ultimate Christmas With Your Mates

Get Prepped Without Parents – A Guide To The Ultimate Christmas With Your Mates

Celebrating Christmas doesn’t always mean sitting down to a traditional lunch with your relatives – think outside the box! When you don’t have the rest of the family to rely on, it can be difficult to know how to prep for the silly season. We’ve got some tips on hosting a different kind of Christmas gathering: the celebrations with your mates.

Make Christmas Eve the main event

Host a traditional Christmas Day gathering with a twist. Decorate your house with lights and print out pictures of Santa – with your friend’s faces superimposed on Santa’s face, naturally ¬– on the wall. Have a stroll around the block after the sun sets and take in the glorious Christmas decorations on people’s lawns. After your excursion, welcome your friends over for a shindig.

The idea here is to treat Christmas Eve like it’s New Year’s Eve, but with added presents. What could be better? Everything is closed on Christmas Day anyway, so you may as well dance into the wee hours and then take the next day to relax and watch Netflix.

Serve party snacks (you could go fancy and get cheese, crackers and assorted meats, or go the classic route with party pies and sausage rolls) and make some punch. Need some inspiration? Here’s one of our favourites:

Tropical punch

1.5 litres pineapple juice, chilled
1.5 litres lemonade, chilled
1 1/3 cups vodka
1 1/3 cups white rum
7 passion fruits, halved
200g frozen raspberries
2 cups ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a jug or bowl and stir. Add ice just before serving. Serves 8? 10?

Go outside

Whether it be at the park or the seaside, a picnic is a brilliant thing to do with your mates during Chrissy. And who says you can’t eat traditional Christmas foods in a non-traditional setting?

We’d suggest prepping some items that are easy to pack. Why not make turkey, stuffing and cranberry rolls, with some creamy potato salad? Try your hand at making mini trifles in plastic cups, that your mates can eat with teaspoons. Standard Christmas desserts like Christmas pudding and mince pies are super easy to transport; you can even have them with individually wrapped custards if you don’t want to eat them dry.

Do something completely different!

This time of year isn’t just about fancy decorations or gifts – it’s about spending time with the people you love and showing them that you care. Really, enjoying each other’s company is the most important thing.

If you’d rather avoid the Christmas hoopla, why not throw a mega movie marathon on December 25? Get all your friends to choose their favourite movie (or get everyone to write it down and then pick a few from a hat) and settle in for the best Christmas ever.

What should you prep beforehand? Make popcorn, and lots of it. Get chips, dips, and chocolate (especially important if anyone nominates Chocolat). Buy some bottles of sparkling wine so you feel like fancy patrons at an exclusive film festival. Celebrate having a day off with your friends!