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Extreme Christmas Weather Prepping

Extreme Christmas Weather Prepping

So, you’ve got everything you need for a perfect Christmas Day – and now the weather has decided to hit 40 – or drop to 14 – degrees. Disaster? Not even close. We’ve got hot tips to cool your guests down and cool ways to warm them up in the event of unpredictable weather.

Don’t lose your cool

Christmas Day forecast set to rival a Bikram yoga studio? Here’s how to handle a sweltering day, no sweat.

Hot days call for cold beer. Slow down the process of your frothies becoming brothies by stocking up on stubby holders. No one wants beer that’s as warm as gravy.

Hate fishing around the cooler slush for the last good bottle of cider? Try using water balloons instead of ice blocks. Simply fill and freeze overnight before chucking them in with your bevs.

Have it made in the shade

Now, let’s talk shade. And not the kind your Aunt Cheryl is throwing at your outfit. If you’re celebrating outside, consider investing in a camping marquee. Bonus? You’re all set for music festivals/picnics/beach season.

When choosing what to wear in a heatwave, flowy cotton is your friend. Breathable and loose, it also hides your post-lunch food baby. Synthetics are a huge no-no unless you want to sweat harder than a Christmas ham left in the sun.

Speaking of food left in the sun, there’s no faster way to attract flies. Keep them away from your food by making it as unappetising as possible for them. Turns out they hate the smell of lemons and cloves as much as we hate the smell of four-day-old prawns. A simple, harmless fly deterrent can be made by halving lemons, dotting them with cloves, and distributing them among food dishes. There are also plenty of good outdoor insect control systems to be found at the supermarket if you’re down with a more chemical approach. We recommend one like this.

You’re probably all over it, but just remember to keep an eye on food temperatures – don’t leave meat and seafood out for long in the heat.

While we’re all for seared steaks, you’ll want to avoid sizzling your skin. It’s Australia, so remember to slip slop slap before you break out the backyard cricket set. Make sure there’s plenty of sunscreen for guests, and that it’s not more than 6 months old. A pump pack like this comes in heaps handy.

Precipitation prep

Hosting your Christmas outdoors is a top shelf idea. Rugs remain safe from red wine. Outdoor dogs finally get to experience the spoils of life underneath the kid’s table. The only downside is that if it rains, Plan B generally involves lugging the outdoor setting into the living room while you take turns squeezing past the TV.

An obvious prep tactic would be to check the weather report in the days beforehand. If rain is forecast, put up the afore-recommended camping marquee. Got a garage? Lucky you! Move your car and set up camp in there. It also creates a good excuse for a clean out in the weeks beforehand. Once it’s decluttered out, get the kids to decorate it.

Appy Christmas

Before the big day, we recommend downloading one of many the many free weather apps with rain radars. This will give you an accurate heads up as to the severity and length of an impending downpour. Use it to make the call on whether it’s a washout or wait-it-out situation. If it looks like a minor downpour, use disposable plastic table cloths as temporary tarps for the food while you all duck inside for another glass of champers.

If the weather is tipped to get arctic, why not embrace it and pretend you’re in Europe? Here’s your chance to don your ugly Christmas sweater at the appropriate time of year. Also, it’s an excuse to make some warming gluhwein, an Austrian/German winter-holiday drink. Try this simple recipe here.

Let nature be your ice dispenser

Hail doesn’t have to be a fail. Put out your coolers and harvest those hailstones! Okay, so your car might look like the surface of the moon, but hey, at least your bevs will be frosty for a few extra hours.

So that’s it – you’re all set to nail this Christmas, rain, hail or shine.