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5 Excellent No-Cook Summer Meals

5 Excellent No-Cook Summer Meals

Summer is the season for entertaining, and entertaining is equal parts fun and stressful. The task list is lengthy: confirm numbers, clean the house, stock up on groceries, buy the booze, choose the tunes, and oh – did you forget to get the ice?

On top of all this, you need to work out what you’re going to feed everyone. To help ease some of the stress and get your summer entertaining sorted, we’ve collected five delicious recipes that require no cooking (as well as beers to match them), so you can spend less time sweating by the stove and more time raising your glass with your guests. Summer sorted.

Tomato bocconcini bites

Start the party with these simple skewers, which combine marinated bocconcini and fresh basil leaves with sweet bursts of cherry tomato. The best part? You can make stringing the skewers a group activity for the inevitable early-arrivers.

Beer match: The mix of Australian lager and natural lemon juice, plus the light alcohol content, make the Pacific Beverages Radler Bottles a great choice to start.

No-cook chicken banh mi

A Coles hot roast chicken, some bread rolls and a few extra fresh and jarred ingredients come together with ease, making no-cook chicken banh mi a no-brainer for group get-togethers. Fasten them with baking paper and twine for a feast fit for photographing.

Beer match: A refreshing Tsingtao, China’s most famous beer, matches most Asian food, and the banh mi is no exception.

Prawn, fennel and tarragon sandwiches

Seafood is warm weather’s best friend. This easy recipe takes cooked prawns to the next level, combining them with fennel, mayonnaise, tarragon and lemon juice, then sandwiching them – quite literally – between slices of fresh, white bread.

Beer match: A hoppy aromatic wheat beer will, like the Schöfferhofer Kristall Wheat Bottle, will do the trick.

No-cook chicken and cabbage salad

When the temperature rises, step away from the stove and towards this chicken and cabbage salad with a dressing of orange juice, Dijon mustard and sour cream. Easily assembled in 20 minutes, the salad can be served with a side of soft bread rolls to make it a more substantial meal.

Beer match: It’s time to move on to a refreshing, sessionable beer, like a Mountain Goat Summer Ale.

No-cook halva truffles

When dessert rolls around and the night’s wrapping up, whip out these halva truffles, which you can prepare in advance with just the ingredients and a food processor, as a super sweet sign-off to your guests. Then kick up your feet and congratulate yourself – you’ve sorted your summer entertaining without breaking into a stove- or stress-related sweat.