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The Autumn Leaves Cocktail Guide
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The Autumn Leaves Cocktail Guide

It’s autumn. The season when we’re wearing the likes of plum, burnt orange, caramel and chocolate – and using them to flavour our drinks, too.

So, in the spirit of palette meeting palate, we’ve put together an array of unbe-leave-able bevs inspired by the oh so magical hues of the autumn foliage – the perfect way to get a taste of the great outdoors when you’re far too cosy to move.

Spiced peach tea sangria

Sangria shouldn’t be limited to your summer drinks list, so switch out your tropical flavours for autumnal spices and make it your year-round tipple. Hot tip: see how the pomegranate’s juice bleeds into the pale pink to replicate the changing effect of scarlett sycamore leaves.

Spiced Peach Tea Sangria

Mulled apple cider (serves 8)

Don’t mull this over – deviate from a red wine base and give a toasty cider concoction a whirl instead. Gently warmed on the stove, it’s a great tipple after an afternoon crunching through fallen leaves in the crisp, fresh air.

Mulled Apple Cider

Spiced White Russian (serves 2)

If you’re looking for the perfect after dinner drink, then how about this deliciously creamy cocktail-come-dessert? Flecked with the same golden tones of leaves ready to drop, it’s a fall favourite you’ll want to whip up again and again.

Spiced White Russian

Pear sour (serves 20)

It might be a gentle green in colour, but this autumnal take on the classic whiskey sour packs a real punch for the palate. It’s citrus taste also makes it the perfect transitional bev between seasons, so if the leaves still look fresh, give this one the green light.

Pear Sour