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Hearty Beers from Around the World
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Hearty Beers from Around the World

Like your porters and stouts? Prefer your beers to be on the chocolate-y side? To celebrate International Beer Day, we’re recommending some beers from all over the globe. Here’s a shopping list of cold weather beers to try before winter is over.

Guinness Draught

The thick, creamy head on a cold Guinness, makes you think of toasty rooms with roaring fires. (Fun fact: the beer’s distinctive head comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen and carbon dioxide when poured.) The Irish beer has a legacy of being enjoyed in frosty climates – since 1759, in fact!

So, what does it taste like? Smooth and bittersweet with a lovely taste of roasted malt barley. This stout is perfect for a bit of spectatorship – watching sport in the comfort of your living room, we mean.

Coopers Extra Stout

While Europeans have long-loved their heavier beers (‘Christmas beers’ is an annual tradition in which brewers release a limited-edition wintry beer) Australians aren’t always keen to reach for the richer brews.

Coopers Extra Stout is definitely the exception to the rule. This hearty brew boasts a robust flavour that will give you notes of fruit, chocolate and bitter hops. Its uniquely rich, dark texture comes from specially roasted black malt – pretty cool, huh?

Stone Go To IPA

From California comes an absolutely brilliant IPA. Made in the American style (and as hoppy as they come) Stone Go To IPA embraces a unique lupulin-borne bitterness that you won’t find in many other beers.

If you’re a lover of pronounced hops, then this is the beer for you – but it also includes some fruity, piney characters to add some surprise. Enjoy with a rich ale pie.

Deep Creek Dusty Gringo

Let’s face it – Kiwis know about cold weather. All those snowy peaks and icy lakes? They aren’t messing around. They also know how to take this sensibility and translate it to a delicious beer.

Dusty Gringo India Brown Ale is specifically designed to evoke aromas of a mountain range of malt. You’ll taste some floral and citrus flavours imparted from the hops and enjoy a tasty chocolate malt base. A perfect beer for winter – or any time of year, really.