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Craft beer heroes and newcomers

Craft beer heroes and newcomers

The craft beer boom is well and truly in full swing. From time tested favourites to new faces on the scene, there are plenty of craft beers to try – and we’ve had a fair crack at listing them! So, open a cold one and sit back, we’ve got a bit to get through.

Pale Ale

Pale ale is probably one of the most accessible and popular varieties of craft beer on the market, with most boutique breweries offering their own take on the style. Most pales will be made in the American pale ale style, but other takes have started to creep into the market.

The hero – Vale Ale

This Australian pale ale has been on the scene for a few years now, and its popularity speaks for itself. Amarillo and cascade hops give it a fresh taste with notes of passionfruit, peaches and citrus.

The newcomer – Holgate Hop Tart Blush

This semi-sour drop isn’t your typical pale ale. Made in the style of a Belgian sour beer it has wild berry flavours with the refreshing touch of raspberry and blueberry, making for a fruity and sour beer that is sure to impress.


One of the first beer styles exported to India from England in the 18th century, Indian pale ale is a hoppy variety that has become popular with craft beer aficionados who like a touch of bitterness in their brew.

The hero – Australian Brewery All Star American IPA

The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but the only thing your mouth will be full of when sipping on this craft beer is delicious hop flavours. This is one IPA that’s incredibly sessionable.

The newcomer – Deep Creek Misty Miyagi

Hailing from New Zealand, Deep Creek make some tasty craft brews. This new addition to their line-up is inspired by summer and is full of tropical flavours. It also presumably teaches you how to wax a car.


This dark style of craft beer was originally developed in London during the 18th Century, and quickly became popular with street and river porters, resulting in the name we have today. Craft porters are known for their unique and rich flavours.

The hero – Holgate Temptress Chocolate Porter

The name kind of says it all with this one, you can expect a rich chocolatey beer that’s bolstered by the addition of Dutch cocoa and whole vanilla beans. It’s the perfect accompaniment with roasts and sweet chocolate desserts.

The newcomer – Mornington Porter

Not new to the market, but new to First Choice, this Porter is a robust brew with a dark brown colour and malty undertones with dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla flavours.

Ginger beer

And now for something completely different. Ginger beer might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to craft beers, but the rise in these sweet, spicy alcoholic drops are made for warm weather sipping.

The hero – Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer

Fat Pixie is a refreshing and crisp ginger beer that is absolutely packed full of ginger flavour. It sits perfectly between being dry and sweet, making it ideal for enjoying on a hot day.

The newcomer – Brookvale Union Spiced Rum & Lime Ginger Beer

Bringing spiced rum to the ginger beer party this spicy drop isn’t beer as you know it, but the craft that goes into brewing it and the excellent taste make it a welcome addition.