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Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat began when two mates – Dave and Cam – decided they wanted better tasting beers and were determined to do something about it. Dave discovered great beer while travelling around the US and Europe and took up home brewing to try and recreate them. When Cam had a similar epiphany in Vancouver, he sent Dave a now-famous postcard with the message, “We’ve gotta talk… let’s open a brewery”.

Home Base: Richmond
Try: Mountain Goat Summer Ale, Mountain Goat Steam Ale, Mountain Goat Pale Ale
The Stats: Twenty years after they released their first beer, Mountain Goat are still brewing beers unrestrained in flavour, technique and creativity taking home two trophies and three gold medals at last year’s Australian International Beer Awards.

The Story:

Cam and Dave were on to something, but with no money to build a brewery (and just three surfboards, two mountain bikes and Dave’s EH Holden as equity) their plans were grounded. With some help from friends and family, the ambitious pair finally opened their own brewery in Richmond.

Their crisp and refreshing Steam Ale, one of Australia’s first certified organic beers, is a great introduction to the world of craft, while the thirst-quenching Summer Ale is a firm hot weather favourite, available in handy 375ml cans. The newest addition to the line-up is Pale Ale, a hop-driven, American inspired pale ale that’s bursting with stone fruit, pine and citrus characters, making it a great choice all year round.

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  • Mountain Goat Pale Ale Bottle 330mL

    Mountain Goat Pale Ale Bottle 330mL

    $78.00 each
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    This is Mountain Goat’s take on the classic new world of American-Style Pale Ale. All US hops showing a stonefruit/pine flavour and aroma. Previou...

  • Mountain Goat Steam Ale Bottle 330mL

    Mountain Goat Steam Ale Bottle 330mL

    $78.00 each
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    Mountain Goat pride themselves on having a wide portfolio of beers that span the full range of flavours and styles. In 2010 their flagship beer Ste...

  • Mountain Goat Summer Ale Can 375mL

    Mountain Goat Summer Ale Can 375mL

    $78.00 each
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    Mountain Goat Summer Ale launched in October 2013, designed to be a thirst quencher that is low in bitterness. Everyone seems to agree this beer is...