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James Squire Brewery

The brewery paying homage to Australia’s first brewer.

Home Base:Camperdown, Sydney

Brews: James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale, James Squire Hop Thief 8, James Squire The Swindler, James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale, James Squire Copper Ale

The Stats: Convict James Squire is often credited with the first successful cultivation of hops in Australia.

The Story:

Since 1998, James Squire has been crafting beers in honour of Australia’s first brewer of the same name – a charming rogue who landed on Aussie soil as a convict and proceeded to brew himself to freedom.

Chuck Hahn converted a former furniture factory into the Hahn Brewery in 1988. Ten years later, the brewery was renamed The Malt Shovel Brewery, which takes its name from James Squire’s original brewery tavern ‘The Malting Shovel’.

Located in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Camperdown, The Malt Shovel Brewery is home to a small team of expert brewers who, relying on minimal automation, experiment with hand-crafted, innovative brews. Together they’ve created instant classics for the James Squire range, like One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale, The Chancer Golden Ale, Four Wives Pilsner, Stowaway IPA, Jack of Spades Porter and Hop Thief American-style Pale Ale.

Today the brewery is led by Haydon Morgan, and it’s safe to say the bar has been raised a bit since James Squire’s day. But some things never change – like their appetite to stay curious, their commitment to quality and their ambition to continue to open up a more flavourful world for everyone.

James Squire’s stable has been well awarded over the years, picking up numerous medals at The World Beer Cup, as well being a regular featuring in Australia’s own hottest 100 Craft Beer Awards.