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Holgate Brewery

In 1999, a young couple called Paul and Natasha Holgate ditched their corporate jobs and embarked on a journey that would see them become one of the pioneers of the Australian craft beer industry.

Home Base: Victoria
Try: Holgate Norton Lager, Holgate Mt Macedon Pale Ale
The Stats: Holgate began in 1999, founded by married couple Paul and Natasha

The Story:

As a youngster in a big family, Paul developed a love of baking bread, cakes and pastries, also making jams and ginger beer with his Mum at home. This gradually became a passion for all-grain brewing, with Paul embarking on a home-brewing craze in the early 1990s.

Paul and Natasha discovered the craft brewing industry while on holiday in the USA in ‘97, which inspired them to have a crack at their own business. The thing that struck them most was that the businesses were small, independent, run by ordinary folks with a passion and obviously little funding.

From humble beginnings, they cobbled together a brewery in their backyard in Woodend and started selling beer. The early history of the brewery was one of learning; with Paul brewing part-time on weeknights and weekends while working another full-time job, and Natasha delivering cartons and kegs in the back seat of the car (next to the baby seat).

From 2002, the Holgate business grew into a complex mix of bar/tap-room, restaurant, accommodation, brew-pub and production brewery, all located within an historic hotel in picturesque Woodend. Only an hours drive from Melbourne CBD, and accessible by a 2 minute walk from the Woodend V/Line train station, today the Holgate Brewhouse pub and brewery has become a weekend destination!