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Dainton are a family of dedicated (and tragic) beer lovers, crafting the best, freshest and most sessionable beers that they can.

Home Base: Victoria
Try: Dainton APA, Dainton IPA, Dainton XPA (Only available in VIC)
The Stats: Founded in 2011, Dainton’s IPA is a recent Gold Medal winner at the 2017 Australian Craft Beer Awards, and current holders of the "Champion Craft Beer" title.

The Story:

They have their fair share of shiny awards, but that’s only one reason to try their brews. The other is that whenever you purchase a Dainton beer, you know that it’s a family-owned and operated company. The family not only oversees (and tastes) all their beers, but they stand behind their produce 100 per cent.

Dainton was founded by Dan Dainton, who started his brewing career at the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel in 2011. From there he brewed at Holgate Brewhouse and honed some more skills in the fresh air of Woodend. After a short stint up in the mountains, Dan convinced his old man Kev to go on a brewing adventure with him. From humble beginnings in Dan’s garage, in 2016 they moved onto a much bigger system.

After being possibly the most gypsy of all Australian brewers between 2013 and 2016 - brewing at almost a dozen different breweries nationwide - Dan and the brew team now have their very own big boy system to play with: The Brewery and Tap House opened in July 2016.

Drinking a great beer while supporting a family legacy? Doesn’t get more Australian than that.