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Boutique brews: What to look for in a summer craft beer
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Boutique brews: What to look for in a summer craft beer

Let’s set the scene – you’re standing in front of the beers at your local First Choice and feel like something a little bit crafty. The summer weather is in full force and you’re not too sure whether a pale ale will go down well, or if you should go for something on the golden side. Fortunately, we’re here to help with this guide to craft summer brews from two of Australia’s best craft breweries.

Graze on Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat has been on the craft scene since 1997 and has an excellent reputation in the boutique beer industry. The brewery has plenty of beers in their repertoire that go down well in the warmer weather.

Mountain Goat Summer Ale
Enjoy: Anywhere outdoors in the sun, good for sessions.

It’s all in the name with this one. Summer Ale is an easy drinking beer that doesn’t have a bitter taste like some other craft drops. It has an almost fruity flavour that will quench your thirst under the hot Australian sun.

Mountain Goat Goat Lager

Enjoy: At barbecues, the beach, or relaxing at home.

This straightforward Australian lager is new to the Mountain Goat range. It’s a craft beer for those who don’t like to overcomplicate things. Perfect for summer, it goes down well when lounging in a deck chair.

Mountain Goat Steam Ale
Enjoy: At night drinks and festive functions.

The brewery’s flagship beer, Steam Ale was launched in 2010 and has since become a staple drop in bars, pubs and the fridge of beer drinkers. It is crisp, fresh and full of character, and goes down well on a warm summer’s night.

Mountain Goat Pale Ale
Enjoy: With a meal, at a picnic or barbecue.

An American style pale ale, this delicious beer was formerly only available on tap in the brewery’s Richmond bar. Fortunately, it has since been bottled and made available to buy on the go. Like most pale ales, it pairs well with rich food and is great at barbecues.

Mountain Goat Fancy Pants
Enjoy: At Christmas dinner or lunch.
Fancy Pants is a modern amber ale that is full of malt flavour. The slightly bitter finish might not be to everyone’s liking, but it will reward those who like a darker beer. It goes well with roasts, so makes for an excellent Christmas dinner drop.

Set up a session with Stockade

From Sydney, the Stockade brewery specialises in sessionable craft beers. You may have noticed their labels, as they’re pretty eye-catching. Each beer in their range is incredibly drinkable and suited for summer sessions.

Stockade 8 Bit IPA
Enjoy: As a cheeky afternoon beer or in a session.

One of the most popular beers from this craft brewery, 8 Bit has citrus and floral aromas and is a refreshing summer beer. If you’re expecting friends over for a barbecue, be sure to put a couple in the cooler.

Stockade Mr Fruju NEIPA
Enjoy: Summer-long as a session beer, perfect in tropical climates.

Stockade describe this beer as tasting like breakfast juice, and they’re not wrong. It is full of tropical and citrus fruit flavours and has low bitterness – so it’s not that surprising that it makes for an easy drinking and delicious summer beer.

Stockade Sesh Mid Strength Ale
Enjoy: Built for sessions and sunny day drinks.

It’s right there in the name; this beer is made for sessions. Coming in at one standard drink, this mid-strength drop is full-flavoured and incredibly refreshing. For those who like to sit back with the cricket all day, meet your new beer of choice.

Stockade Chop Shop Pale Ale
Enjoy: Paired with food at a barbecue or dinner party.

Full of hops, this pale ale is jam-packed with tropical aromas and flavours, making it a great summer session brew. It goes well with fatty foods and rich meals, so crack it open when the BBQ fires up.

Stockade Hop Splicer XPA
Enjoy: On a scorching day when you need refreshing.

A curious blend of hops and grapefruit, the Hop Splicer is a zesty and bitter-sweet beer. The citrus from the grapefruit makes it a refreshing brew that is easy to drink, especially on a sweltering day.