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The brewery paying homage to Australia’s first brewer.

Brew Shed

Little Creatures Brewery

The brewery that gets its name from either ‘80s New Wave or 20th Century literature.

White Rabbit Brewery

The brewery that outgrew its home and moved in with a mate.

Cricketers Arms

It’s fair to say that the seeds for Cricketers Arms were planted in the mind of Paul Scott long before the brewery opened its doors in 2007. As a boy…

Goose Island

Goose Island’s beer journey began with a trip across Europe, when founder (and unabashed beer lover) John Hall discovered a wealth of different, regi…

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat began when two mates – Dave and Cam – decided they wanted better tasting beers and were determined to do something about it. Dave disco…


Dainton are a family of dedicated (and tragic) beer lovers, crafting the best, freshest and most sessionable beers that they can.


SAMPLE Brew follows the creed that brewing a flavoursome beer isn’t enough to attract the modern punter. The design-led brewer is as eclectic as Melb…

Hobo Brewing

Inspired by spontaneous, free-spirited adventures, Hobo Brewing’s philosophy is to create fresh, balanced and enjoyable beer, using recipes gathered …

Holgate Brewery

In 1999, a young couple called Paul and Natasha Holgate ditched their corporate jobs and embarked on a journey that would see them become one of the …