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The craft beer boom is well and truly in full swing. From time tested favourites to new faces on the scene, there are plenty of craft beers to try – and we’ve had a fair crack at …

Brew Shed

Boutique brews: What to look for in a summer craft beer

Let’s set the scene – you’re standing in front of the beers at your local First Choice and feel like something a little bit crafty. The summer weathe…

The art of beer – A look at the best tin designs on the market

On January 24th, 1935, the first can of beer was sold. It may not have resembled what we have today - made out of steel and opened with a special too…

Celebrating cider: A history of this summer favourite

With summer well and truly here, it's cider's time to shine. The alcoholic apple beverage is a warm-weather favourite, and for good reason. Sweet, re…

5 Beers to Raise in Cheers to Oktoberfest

Each year in late-September, the fields of Munich are transformed as massive tents are

Hearty Beers from Around the World

Like your porters and stouts? Prefer your beers to be on the chocolate-y side? To celebrate International Beer Day, we’re recommending some beers fro…

The Best Winter Beers and Wine (and What to Eat with Them)

Looking for some new recipes to test out this winter? We’ve got two delicious meals you should try, and some recommendations for beer and wine to ser…

James Squire Brewery

The brewery paying homage to Australia’s first brewer.

Little Creatures Brewery

The brewery that gets its name from either ‘80s New Wave or 20th Century literature.

White Rabbit Brewery

The brewery that outgrew its home and moved in with a mate.