Lorry Boys Bright Lager Bottle 330mL

Lorry Boys

Bright Lager Bottle 330mL

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Classically clean Australian lager, easy bodied with a dry finish. All domestic malts with a crisp and refreshing Australian hop character crafted to the perfect balance of a thirst quenching, highly sessionable lager. 

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  • by Big D, on August 07, 2018

    pours with a light golden almost orange hue . head is not strong with loose retention. very little on the nose like a lager but very little taste. sweet and malty, not bad but not what you would typically expect from an australian style lager.

  • by Steve Olver, on August 02, 2018

    A refreshingly clean lager, with a hint of tropical fruit and a smooth/mild malty character. The perfect compliment to a hot summer afternoon.